I’m a 3D Artist and App Developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I love the fields I work in and try to soak up as much knowledge as I can about the industry & the visual fantasticness surrounding it.


Relevant Experience:

> 3D Artist @ St John Learning Media (2011-2013)

> Diploma of Digital Animation and Video @ Natcoll Design Technology Christchurch (2011)


Software Experience:

> Autodesk Maya (Advanced)

> Autodesk Mudbox (Intermediate)

> Newtek Lightwave (Advanced)

> Autodesk 3DS Max (Familiar)

> Adobe Photoshop (Advanced)

> Adobe After Effects (Intermediate – Advanced)

> Adobe Premiere Pro (Intermediate)


Personal Tools of Choice:

> Autodesk Maya

> Adobe After Effects

> Adobe Photoshop

> Adobe Premiere Pro


Take a look around the gallery, or check out my published apps – if you like what you see (or if you’d like to work with me on something!), shoot me an email either via the contact form on this website or email me directly - craig.sisson@upsidekiwi.co.nz.  References are very much available on request.